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Why use to retrofit your fluorescent or neon sign to LED?

There are several reasons for using a kit from to retrofit your sign to LED:

  • They are more efficient to operate, saving you money!
  • has products that are specifically designed to replace fluorescent bulbs and neon. It’s simple, and it works!
  • LED provides consistent, bright, and controlled lighting.
  • Speaking of eliminating maintenance costs, LED's have more longevity!
  • You can do it yourself! The retrofit kit can be installed easily. It is a DIY project requiring minimal electrical knowledge. No service call and labor fees from a Sign Company!
  • Fluorescent and neon lighting are phasing out. Most sign companies are replacing these with LED. Sooner or later, you are going to need to change over.
  • Fluorescent and neon replacement parts are going to become harder and harder to find.
  • LED is low voltage and installed properly, can be safer.
  • has been in business for 13 years and has over 65 years of sign experience.
  • can offer tech support for registered customers.
  • is easy to use with fast shipping.
  • is THE largest consumer online store for sign parts.
  • Most all parts are in stock and ready to ship!
Maybe you have been thinking of switching from magnetic to electronic ballasts for your signs. That may seem like a good idea at first, but it’s not worth it because you may have to rewire your entire lighting setup. The simplest and best solution is to go straight to LED.  
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How To Retrofit Your Fluorescent Sign To LED

Step 1: Inspect your existing lighting configuration.

We have kits configured for both horizontal and vertical installation. You will need to know which configuration your sign has in order to purchase the correct kit from

Step 2: Order the Retrofit Kit from

Just click on the kit you need to place your order:

Step 3: Remove all the existing lighting and wiring.

Nothing complicated here. Just get the old wiring out of the way.

Step 4: Install the LED product from

We ship you instructions with the product to make this part easy. Also, you can go to  for a video to walk you through every step visually.

Step 5: Email your business owner friends and brag.

Tell them to order their own neon kits and you can charge them $100/hour to install it.

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How Well Does Retrofitting To LED Work? has products that are specifically designed to replace fluorescent bulbs and neon. This is not a “workaround.” We provide high quality products specifically designed for the purpose of retrofitting neon and fluorescent lights to LED. It’s simple, and it works!
In fact, because LED provides consistent, bright, and controlled lighting, most would say that the retrofit greatly improves the look and functionality of your sign.

How Do I Know What Parts to Buy? (LED Retrofitting Kits)

Picking out individual parts takes time and can be confusing if it is your first time retrofitting a sign. We’ve made the process simple for you. Our kits include everything you need to retrofit your Fluorescent or Neon Sign to LED. There is no need to search piece by piece. Just order the kit, and you are good to go!

Can I Do the Job on My Own? Is this Something I Can DIY?

You must be electronically competent. As with any electrical job, there is inherent danger. Make sure you know what you are doing. Take all the necessary safety precautions.  

Electrical repairs or changes of any kind can be dangerous and should be performed only by persons who have been properly trained to make them. Please follow proper electrical safety procedures in addition to reviewing and following instructions. Review instructions and safety procedures BEFORE beginning.

Disclaimer is not responsible for injury or damage to property. Follow safety procedures and any applicable local codes. Licences are required in some locales.  

Are domestic LED products better than LEDs imported from Southeast Asia

Are domestic LED products better than LED's imported from Southeast Asia?

When it comes to buying LED products, the reigning debate for many sign companies, electricians, and business owners is: Are domestic products better than SE Asian products? At, we have made the decision to offer both, but the choice between the two is up to you. It is important that you make that choice, because ultimately it is your sign on the line.
With that in mind, there are a few things that you should know as you make your decision.


First, we believe in the products we sell on Both are good products or we wouldn’t offer them. Your choice is not between a good product and a bad product but a debate about which one is better between the two good products.
Most importantly, you should know that most of the power supplies and LED’s themselves come from China. Just like your cell phone and computer, the individual sign parts you buy were probably manufactured in China (even if they were assembled in the United States). So, think about the quality of your mobile phone and computer? Have they functioned reasonably well for you? Your sign parts are ultimately coming from the same part of the world.
Here’s how it works: The domestic suppliers buy same place the as the imports (China). It has been years since the LEDs were manufactured in the United States. Ultimately, you are buying implements made in China either way. The question is whether or not they were distributed through a domestic company.


Chinese pricing has traditionally been lower than domestic pricing. However, domestic suppliers have brought down their prices to compete with the prices of the Southeast Asian Suppliers. Price is not the factor it used to be when buying LED.

What If You Don’t Have The Part I Need?

If there is a product you need and cannot find it on our website, call us, email us, chat with us. 99% of the time, we can supply it!

Go to or call 888-474-6136. We probably have it! 

How to Save Money and Time By Retrofitting Your Fluorescent or Neon Sign to LED

How to Save Money and Time By Retrofitting Your Fluorescent or Neon Sign to LED

The world is full of signs. Nearly every brick and mortar business has a lit sign that marks their place in the world. A properly maintained electric sign is an essential advertising and communication tool.  Whether you are a sign company or a regular business, you need to think about retrofitting neon and fluorescent signs to LED. 

Your Sign as a Marketing Tool

In the modern age of digital marketing, views cost your business as much as $4 per click (or even more). Many businesses happily pay $1 per click just to have their website seen by a prospect.
Think about how valuable that makes your sign.
Every time someone drives by and sees your sign (especially in the evenings), it is the brick and mortar marketing equivalent to a “click.”
Consider how many people pass your business in a given day. How many of those people pass more than once?
Even small, suburban communities will see as many as 41,000 vehicles pass a given location on a daily basis (See Traffic Volume Report). If your business is in a larger community, you should be seeing thousands more passers by every day.
Think about the fact that by having a quality sign your business is getting a few thousand dollars worth of advertising every day!
This means three things are critical for your business when it comes to your sign:
  1. It has to look great.
  2. It has to be maintained.
  3. It has to be cost effective.

The True Cost Of Your Neon or Fluorescent Sign

The world was so much easier when we didn’t think about how much things cost. When we were kids, we didn’t think about how much it cost our parents when we left the hallway light on all night (We just wanted the comfort of the lights being on after scaring ourselves watching Stephen King’s “IT.”)
But, as business owners, we care about how much the lights cost. The energy bill for my business is a lot scarier to me than any sewer clown Stephen King’s mind can conjure!
I know it’s scary, but you need to think about the true cost of operating your sign, and it’s worse than you think.
First, there’s the energy. With a small sign, you may only be paying about 20¢ per day. Multiple or larger signs take that price up some. Depending on your business, you may only be paying a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per year in energy to “keep the sign on.”
However the cost of energy is seldom the real issue.

Maintenance becomes a problem for most businesses.

You are in the business of making money. The last thing you want to do is spend money and time (which we all know means more money) repairing your signs.
Let’s assume nothing goes wrong with your sign this year. Paying your staff to fix the sign will cost you in labor and parts. Since most fluorescent and neon signs require 2-3 maintenance cycles per year, a lot of companies opt to ignore their signs.
This works for a little while until your light becomes clouded and dim and generally makes your business look bad.
Have you ever noticed that in the movies when they want to show that a business is in disrepair or disrepute, they always show a flickering neon sign? That’s because signage is the primary way consumers judge a brick and mortar business location.
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but statistics show that most people do. The same is true of signs. Your sign is the “book cover” to your business, and people are judging you for it.
Making sure your sign looks great and stays low cost is essential.

How Do I Keep My Sign Looking Great Without Paying for Maintenance 3 Times Per Year?

The simple answer is, “Retrofit your flourescent or neon sign to LED.” We all know LED is one of the most energy efficient and lowest maintenance options for lighting. However, few business owners think about the possibilities for their neon and fluorescent signage.
Not only can you save energy, but you can also reduce your maintenance cycles from two or three per year to one every five to ten years!
In addition to keeping your sign looking great without a lot of maintenance or repair visits from sign companies and electricians, the job can be done in a few minutes without an outside professional! has neon and fluorescent to LED retrofit kits!