Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Save Big When You Buy Bulk

Wouldn't you like to decrease your expenses and increase your profits? In our constant effort to pass along savings to you, we have created some special deals.  One of our favorite ways to save you money is through bulk rates and bundle packages.  You already know about our $50 OFF discount for orders of $600 or more, but did you know about our bundle package deals on select items?  
You can Save 5% on 2 Bundle Packs and 8% when you buy 3 or more of select items!  Look for the "Bulk Discount Rates" section above the "Add To Cart" button to see where you can save on select products. 
Here's what it looks like: 
Bulk Purchase Options

Want to get started now?  Here are a couple examples of bundle packages that can start you saving now!
Example 1 (Ventex VT9030-120 100v-9000v 30mA)
Example 2 (Allanson 1230BPX120 Neon Transformer Power Supply 12000v 30mA) 
Now is a great time to stock up before the end of the year! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Converting to LED: Why retrofit neon signs to LED?

Branding is only effective when it is presented in a positive way. Too many businesses and organizations compromise this important fact when they do not maintain their signage. This is understandable because in the past signs required a much more involved effort to service and maintain their signs. The reason for this is two words – Neon and Fluorescent. In the past these were the only two forms of lighting available for signs. No More! LED lighting has revolutionized the sign industry and significantly reduced the frustration level of those who own corporate signage. There are huge benefits to retrofitting your existing signs to LED. Is your Branding important to you? If so, here are…the greatest benefits to converting Neon & Fluorescent signs to LED.

Performance- LED lighting is more consistent with its performance and does not have a flickering issue like neon signs. It keeps its illumination longer and is more uniform throughout the entire sign.

Brighter- LED lighting is brighter than neon and fluorescent… All The Time. However, it is even more noticeable during the cold months when neon and fluorescent dim considerably – LED remains bright. LED lighting maintains a better level of brightness throughout its entire lifespan.

Efficiency- LED lighting is 70% more energy efficient than neon. And 40% more efficient that fluorescent.  Lower usage = lower cost.

Installation- LED installation is an easy process. The right LED sign products are designed for simple retrofits of existing signs. Kits can be purchased.

Maintenance/Durability and Longevity- LED lighting requires less maintenance than neon signs. And LED lighting lasts FAR longer than fluorescent. Up to Five Times Longer!

Reduced Risk- LED signs run with 12-volt power supplies which are safer. Many fires have been caused by improper neon and fluorescent signs.

eFreindly- LED lighting does not contain mercury and uses less power than neon and fluorescent. It’s a Win for everyone!

NOTE: When converting your sign to LED make sure you use LED Products that have been tested and are designed for use in a Sign. Not all LED’s are created equal. For more information visit where you can easily purchase the quality product you need to retrofit your signs today!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Here's the best system for driving steady revenue 📈 from big ticket jobs! 💵

Let me show you how Electric Revenue Booster can help you make money through training, marketing, and insider pricing!  
Let’s Assume Your Customer Has a 4'x8' Double-sided, Internally illuminated Fluorescent sign.  Here’s how you can turn that into more money for YOU!
Step 1: Get them signed up (membership) for semi-annual sign maintenance checks (Like HVAC guys do for home AC and Furnace checks). 
NOTE: WE are going to provide the marketing tools go reach all of your database of customers with this program! 
Step 2: Make guaranteed money from that client when the autoplay runs for the maintenance service. You can charge about $199/year for two checks.  The maintenance checks only take a few minutes, so you’ve already made money!

But, that’s just scratching the surface!

Step 3: Let each maintenance check serve as a helpful sales call. Every time they need new fixtures, power supplies, ballasts, or repairs you make more money!  They get the peace of mind knowing that the most visible part of their business is attracting customers, and you get to increase your revenue.

Even more!  Retrofitting analog signs (neon and fluorescent) to LED it allow you to make big money while saving the customer on energy in the long run!  All this benefits both you AND your customers!
Here’s a few examples of potential revenue from services:
  • Service Charge (includes 1st hour): $130 - $145
  • Labor Rate:  $70 - $85 / per hour
  • Relamp (4): $30 - $40
  • ReBallast:  $100 - $120
  • Face cleaning: $40 - $50
  • Repaint Cabinet: $100 - $115
  • Retro-Fit to LED (labor & material): $1185 - $1250*
If you are doing the math, that's

*We recommend providing a 30 day warranty on all service work and a 1 yr warranty on a retrofit to LED (parts may have additional warranty).  

Here’s the best part:
We will be there for you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!  

Signing up for our newsletter means gaining access to our seasoned team of sign engineers, builders, and other industry leaders.  Ask whatever you want! We provide you with the confidence of knowing that you won’t ever be stuck, alone, not knowing what to do.
Think about what this could mean for your business!
What’s stopping you?
I’ll tell you what’s stopping you…You need us to give you the “take-you-by-the-hand step-by-step” instructions on all the new services and retrofitting you are going to offer as well as the special pricing that is going to drastically increase your profit margin.  Not to mention the plug-and-play marketing tools we are going to give you to get the word out!
In short, the only thing stopping you is that you haven’t signed up for Electric Revenue Booster yet.

So, lets change that!  Signup Now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We told you about The Weird Niche that Is Allowing People Like You To Make Big Money Doing Sign Maintenance.  We've put together the best marketing ideas, revenue systems, and training in the world, and we are giving you the first chance to be a part of it! 

If you missed the email, here's the rundown.
Membership Gets You:

  • Specialized Training (videos and direct access to our sign experts with over 60 years of experience!)
  • Proven Marketing (a full scale kit with proven marketing tools for you)
We've added up the value of everything we are offering, and the value is well over $10,000!  In fact, the Marketing Campaigns alone are Valued at $8,000!  Add in the training, mastermind access, and member pricing, and Electric Revenue Booster is worth about $15,000 or more!  

But, how much it's worth to you is ultimately measured in what you can make from it.  Well, you can make A LOT from it!  In fact, Electric Revenue Booster equips you to turn your business into a cash generating machine!

Here’s the rundown on how you can make more money with Electric Revenue Booster:

  1. You Sign Up for our newsletter and get training, marketing materials, and more.
  2. You sell semi-annual sign maintenance checks to customers you already have on your list, making you another $199 of revenue per customer per year.  
  3. You sell repairs and retrofitting for services you offer, applying training and marketing tools we give you.  
  4. You make more money and retire early!

So, The Big Question Is What Will It Cost Me?

The answer is: Nothing!

Click Here To Register Now


Monday, November 26, 2018

The Weird Niche That Is Allowing Electricians And Sign Companies To Make Big Money Doing Sign Maintenance! 📈

How would you like to increase your business income by $1,000 per day without increasing your overhead? We've been in the business long enough and worked with enough people in the sign business to know how to do it.  
Here’s the problem with being an electrician or sign company business: You only make money when something needs built or fixed!  One of the biggest frustrations people face in the sign business is that you can’t predict business, which means it is often feast or famine!  
What If I Told You That We Had A Solution That Could Turn Your Business Into A “Money Making Machine”?!
At, we have the benefit of being connected to more people in the sign business than anyone else in the world.  This means hearing how people like you are maximizing revenue doing sign work. At, we want to help you get that money too.  

So, we’re providing info to help you: 
Here’s the rundown on how you can make more money:
  1. You sign up for our newsletter and get training, marketing materials, and more. 
  2. You sell semi-annual sign maintenance checks to customers you already have on your list, making you another $199 of revenue per customer per year.  If your customer signs up you can offer them discounted rates on service and parts for being a member.
  3. You sell repairs and retrofitting for services you offer, applying training and marketing tools we give you.  
  4. You make more money!  
  5. You retire earlier!
Interested?  All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter! 
-PartsForSigns Team

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New GTO Wire Available!

New Product Alert!

At, we are constantly adding new products.  Recently, we brought in a new brand of GTO cable for gas tube signs with a single core.  It is from Ablon Technologies.  It's available as 25' piece or 250' roll. The cable is available in black or white to match whatever sign backing. It has flexible insulation, silicone rubber integral sleeve, and is rated for 15,000 volts. The conductor is AWG14 and the jacket outside diameter is 7.6mm.

Urgent! Buy Ventex Power Supplies Now Before the Price Goes Up!

Manufacturer Prices Increase

At we are constantly working to stay ahead of the game, so that we can save you money and maximize your profits.  So, when we find out about a price increase, we try to let you know as soon as possible, so you can purchase before the price goes up.  
Such is the case for Ventex power supplies.  All Ventex power supplies will increase in price starting Nov. 16th, 2018.  So, now is the time to stock up on Ventex power supplies.  The price increase will be about 10%, so jump on it now!  
Our Ventex Power Supplies are popular for Neon sign builders.  They provide steady power and make signs look great.