Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Will LED Lighting Overtake All Lighting Types?

In the past several years LED technology seems to have taken over the sign and lighting industries. And in most cases, that is completely true. The advantages of LED lightings and the improvements are undeniable. We see LED lighting becoming the choice of parking lots, roadways, automobiles, retail stores, office settings, all types of electronics, performing arts venues, households, and signage.

So, the question everyone seems to be wondering is, will LED lighting overtake all types of lighting that currently exists? Our experience the past few years seems to indicate that yes, this is inevitable and LED lighting continues to evolve. At some point in the future LED will expand to such a point, that it will be the only type of lighting available. Or at least to such an extent, that other types of lighting will be very hard to find. And as demand for “older” types of lighting decrease, the cost for these will increase. It’s simple supply and demand.

In the sign lighting business LED has totally replaced florescent lighting for new product, and retrofits and conversions from florescent to LED continue to become more popular as cost for LED products decrease in cost and the cost and of florescent lamps and ballasts increase as their availability decrease.

LED has also made so significant inroads to replacing neon in some applications. Back thirty years ago neon made a spectacular resurgence. The nostalgic and unique look of neon along with the variety of color options available could not be matched. Let’s face it, neon was, and is cool. However, as LED replacement products for neon continue to be perfected, the demand for neon also continues to decrease. Making neon and the related parts required to manufacture more expensive and less obtainable.

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