Monday, March 4, 2019

Neon Sign Basics from | Part 1

Today’s modern neon sign parts are a long way from Paris, but the history of this form of lighting started with French engineer Georges Claude (b. Sept. 24, 1870, d. May  23, 1960) in 1910.   In 1897, he realized that dissolving acetylene gas into acetone would stabilize it enough to move it safely. Eventually, he realized that inert gasses would conduct electricity and produce light when currents were run through them! It was in December of 1910 that he showed the world in the first public display of a neon lamp.  His immediate intention was to use them in signs and lighting and they would soon be dubbed liquid fire.  Understandably, people would stop and stare at the spectacle for hours and it's fate for use in signs and advertising was sealed.

More than a century later, can supply parts you would need to repair a neon sign from transformers and power supplies to GTO wire and housings. Some of our most popular brand names are: Allanson, Ventex, Advance, France and GE. Some of our most popular parts are: 1230BPX120, 1530BPX120, HI-FLEX-GTO-PFS  25', SS1235ICH, SS1235OX, SS635ICH, SS935ICH, VLP100-120, VLP200-120, VLP200-277, VT12030-120, VT12030CL-120, VT12030D-120, VT1510-12, VT4030-120, VT4030CL-120, VT6030-120, VT6030CL-120, VT6060CL-120, VT9030-120, VT9030CL-120, VT9030CL-277, VT9030D-120.

Who needs neon sign parts and supplies?   Companies that we see everyday including industrial, educational, commercial, property management, sign and lighting maintenance, retail, residential, along with  plenty of DIY.

All neon light parts are new from the factory. The products are the same that a sign professional would use to manufacture and/or service any commercial sign. All neon sign parts from transformers and power supplies to GTO wire and housings are supported by the manufacturer’s warranty. We offer fast delivery at a competitive price with the ease of ordering from the internet and the peace of mind knowing the product is Brand Name and new from the factory. We will discuss more neon sign basics in part two.  Need to know more, call 888-474-6136 or chat with us online.

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