Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We told you about The Weird Niche that Is Allowing People Like You To Make Big Money Doing Sign Maintenance.  We've put together the best marketing ideas, revenue systems, and training in the world, and we are giving you the first chance to be a part of it! 

If you missed the email, here's the rundown.
Membership Gets You:

  • Specialized Training (videos and direct access to our sign experts with over 60 years of experience!)
  • Proven Marketing (a full scale kit with proven marketing tools for you)
We've added up the value of everything we are offering, and the value is well over $10,000!  In fact, the Marketing Campaigns alone are Valued at $8,000!  Add in the training, mastermind access, and member pricing, and Electric Revenue Booster is worth about $15,000 or more!  

But, how much it's worth to you is ultimately measured in what you can make from it.  Well, you can make A LOT from it!  In fact, Electric Revenue Booster equips you to turn your business into a cash generating machine!

Here’s the rundown on how you can make more money with Electric Revenue Booster:

  1. You Sign Up for our newsletter and get training, marketing materials, and more.
  2. You sell semi-annual sign maintenance checks to customers you already have on your list, making you another $199 of revenue per customer per year.  
  3. You sell repairs and retrofitting for services you offer, applying training and marketing tools we give you.  
  4. You make more money and retire early!

So, The Big Question Is What Will It Cost Me?

The answer is: Nothing!

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