Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Converting to LED: Why retrofit neon signs to LED?

Branding is only effective when it is presented in a positive way. Too many businesses and organizations compromise this important fact when they do not maintain their signage. This is understandable because in the past signs required a much more involved effort to service and maintain their signs. The reason for this is two words – Neon and Fluorescent. In the past these were the only two forms of lighting available for signs. No More! LED lighting has revolutionized the sign industry and significantly reduced the frustration level of those who own corporate signage. There are huge benefits to retrofitting your existing signs to LED. Is your Branding important to you? If so, here are…the greatest benefits to converting Neon & Fluorescent signs to LED.

Performance- LED lighting is more consistent with its performance and does not have a flickering issue like neon signs. It keeps its illumination longer and is more uniform throughout the entire sign.

Brighter- LED lighting is brighter than neon and fluorescent… All The Time. However, it is even more noticeable during the cold months when neon and fluorescent dim considerably – LED remains bright. LED lighting maintains a better level of brightness throughout its entire lifespan.

Efficiency- LED lighting is 70% more energy efficient than neon. And 40% more efficient that fluorescent.  Lower usage = lower cost.

Installation- LED installation is an easy process. The right LED sign products are designed for simple retrofits of existing signs. Kits can be purchased.

Maintenance/Durability and Longevity- LED lighting requires less maintenance than neon signs. And LED lighting lasts FAR longer than fluorescent. Up to Five Times Longer!

Reduced Risk- LED signs run with 12-volt power supplies which are safer. Many fires have been caused by improper neon and fluorescent signs.

eFreindly- LED lighting does not contain mercury and uses less power than neon and fluorescent. It’s a Win for everyone!

NOTE: When converting your sign to LED make sure you use LED Products that have been tested and are designed for use in a Sign. Not all LED’s are created equal. For more information visit PartsForSigns.com where you can easily purchase the quality product you need to retrofit your signs today!

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